Dry Bag Cressi 20 Litre




Dry bag in Seaman sack style, perfect to keep your electronic equipment and clothes dry while at on the beach or any outdoor activity.

Sizes: 20L

SALE!!! Php 1,295.00

Regular Price: Php 1,699.00



Created in 1939 in Genoa, Italy, Cressi brings the passion for the sea and technical design of the brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi to divers all around the world. Since its inception, Cressi has been revolutionizing the diving and spearfishing world and has expanded from masks and handcrafted spearfishing guns to a full line of diving products. Cressi prides itself on passion, commitment, and innovation. Its products, such as the Sirena Mask in 1943, spearguns in the late 40's, the Pinocchio Mask in 1952, and Rondine Fins, changed diving gear with features that are still in use today. Now, divers from all over the world trust Cressi to push the industry forward.


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